Renting in Perth

When it comes to choosing a home that you can rent, the process isn’t simple. You need to find a home that suits your lifestyle and your budget. Write down everything you want the home to have so you can look for these things throughout the inspection. Are you happy to pay extra to have an ensuite? This may not be as important to you as the number of bedrooms. 

Here are a few things to consider when it comes to making a simple checklist of things to look for in a rental property:

How secure is it?

Ensure you check over the window locks, deadlocks and all other security features. The level of protection can make a significant impact on how much it will cost for your insurance. Check with your insurance company about how security can impact your policy, so you know what to look for. 

Your storage options

Storage containers are expensive to hire so while you are checking out rental properties look for places to store your bike, book collection and surfboard, for example. Does the home have enough storage for your needs? Other places to check are the pantry and your linen cupboard. You will need somewhere to store towels, brooms, a vacuum cleaner any many more items.

Your overall cleanliness 

Rental properties are usually rented out in the same condition as when you inspected them. If there is junk laying around or mould everywhere, make sure you ask the agent whether those things will be addressed before you move in or not.

The heating in the home

Check what cooling or heating is available in the house. Find out what rooms have the cooling and heating and double-check that they all work. If there is an issue, ask when it will be addressed and how long ago the appliances were serviced. Perth property management companies will be able to answer all these questions. It is better to find these things out sooner rather than later. 

Measuring out space

Don’t be afraid to bring your tape measure to the inspections. If you have a prize couch or table, you want to be sure you can fit it in the home and through the doorway of the house.

Is there enough space for appliances?

Check there’s enough room for appliances as some homes have a designated fridge space nook, so you may be required to buy a new fridge if yours doesn’t fit in the spot. You also may have appliances that you like to sit on the bench, so check how much room there is. Some rentals tend to have small laundries so ensure that there is plenty of room to fit your washing machine, dryer and laundry basket.

The garden

Is the garden the right size that suits you. If you are not a gardener, then you want to steer clear of significant and high maintenance gardens. Some rentals will come with a gardener so check this avenue out too. If you love having a garden patch, ask if the owners will allow you to set up a small veggie patch.

Check what the bond is and create a budget to ensure that you can pay the rent, bond and all the other bills that come into play like removals and cleaners. Being prepared will ensure you don’t spend unnecessary money and time on what you don’t need to. There is nothing worse than fully moving in only to realise the rent is too much for you to afford. Seek out Perth property advice before making any major decisions.