Sliding Doors Used In Different Rooms

internal sliding doors

Using sliding door designs in your indoor homes can be a good way to save some room. Placing this handy option between various rooms can help to create smaller spaces which can then be used as a larger area simply by sliding a glass sliding door into the open position.

Using sliding glass doors allows you to decrease the amount of room you have to enter, which allows you to design smaller spaces. Additionally, sliding glass doors are designed to be retracted, increasing room access, and since they are relatively slim and smooth, take up less space visually as well as practically. Sliding glass doors, which can provide ample light and views, do not require much room clearance.

If you have an exceptional view from the outside, or you would rather have brighter light come into the house, especially the living room area, sliding glass doors are a fantastic option to consider. These frameless sliding doors made from safety glass and tempered laminated glass are fitted with stainless steel fixtures, giving your house a modern touch and changing the appearance of both your entryway and your living room area. Architecture firm Olson Kundig used the glass at ceiling height and sliding doors to give the Watchman Cottages living area a crisp breeze and views of Bilgola beach in Sydney.

White lighting added a light, clean feel to this house, while white walls contrasting with wood-panelled floors seemed like a striking combination that should have been considered for this home. The colour scheme is consistent all over the home and with wide glass windows, the spaces appear to be brighter and certainly larger.

The sliding glass doors open up to the little terrace outside, and there is a lot of light that comes into this house, all thanks to the sliding glass doors. The sliding glass doors are ideal to see an outdoor swimming pool, and in the evening, great lighting both outside and in is a great option to think about while designing the pool, deck, and adjoining living room. The outside windows let the light in, while the floor-to-ceiling glass doors also let the light into the larger space.

In this office, the light coming in through large external windows is allowed to enter the larger office area via the frameless glass divider and the floor-to-ceiling glass doors. 

As mentioned earlier, barn doors can be used to divide up a smaller space in a much larger, open-plan layout. Sliding barn doors will prove to be an effective option for small rooms, no matter what their purpose or use. There is even an option for using a large sliding barn door as a room divider. Or, if a room is a multi-functional space, use sliding barn doors to delineate functions, like hiding the sleeping area or keeping a work area private.

Whether sliding doors open out into the exterior or join the room with another part of the home, space should remain open in front to provide traffic flow in the space. Internal sliding doors open and close without swinging in a room as do standard hinged doors, and this has the effect of opening these spaces up but not impeding flow.

Adding sliding-style divisional doors in your home is an excellent way to divide up two rooms and link them together. This simple sliding glass-panelled design is both modern and an elegant way to divide your formal dining room from the kitchen. The flexible hidden away in the dining room opens the entire floor plan.

This French-style sliding glass panel barn door includes the barn-door top-mounted system, creating a compelling piece of hardware that is well-suited for this kind of door design. With its white-painted hardwood door frame, this space-saving five-panel sliding glass barn door can be pulled out the side to gain additional pantry storage space for canned goods, dishware, and glasses.

Frosted These glass doors and floor-to-ceiling frameless dividers provide privacy to those using the space for meetings, conferences, or small group discussions while allowing natural light to stream into the upstairs areas. With a simple addition of floor-to-ceiling glass doors, you can create a room that feels larger and more open, without the need for physical expansion or extensive remodelling. If you are looking for a way to upgrade a specific area in your home; adding sliding glass doors in a chosen room can make all the difference in how your living space looks. Modular, divided walls made from glass or sliding glass doors that have minimal frames are options that can easily make an elegant, simplified space that has a modern touch, be it an office setup or in a private room as well as a shared area of your hotel.

Place a sofa facing a sliding door in the lounge and family room, adding additional seating pieces to either side, so guests can take advantage of the views no matter where they sit. In the living room at High Desert Retreat, a door provides access to the big deck, which is built of concrete so that it matches the interior floor, and blurs the boundaries between indoors and outdoors. The views outside are stunning as well, so a living room with these gorgeous doors is no big surprise, as a magnificent living room with gorgeous views requires magnificent thresholds.

This master bedroom features the perfect mix of contemporary and Craftsman-inspired design themes, by integrating salvaged lumber with a natural tone finish on accent walls, knotty hardwood flooring with a lighter tone finish, and using reclaimed sliding barn doors with a neutral shade finish and contemporary, premium-quality design hardware.

Integrating an internal barn door in a kitchen is a difficult task as, on the one hand, you would need room for sliding barn door kits and that means sacrificing part of a wall that could be used otherwise for storage, while, on the other hand, you would effectively be saving space while making your kitchen more accessible.