Prime Minister Scott Morrison throws Australian support behind President Donald Trump

Prime Minister Scott Morrison is planning to throw Australian support behind President Donald Trump in an attempt to counter China’s dominance in critical raw materials as part of a historic state visit to the US capital, Washington.

The action plan will open a new front against China at a widening technology and trade war by exploiting Australian reserves of the rare earths and other substances that are crucial for products which range from iPhones to batteries and hybrid automobiles.

Mr Morrison came to Washington DC with a message for Mr Trump, who is positioning Australia as a perfect friend that would back its longstanding ally on Israel, Iran and the broader defence policy.

Mr Morrison wanted Mr Trump and his colleagues to see Australia as their most powerful military ally within the last century and is using the visit to pledge the same close alliance to the century ahead.

Mr Trump’s officials consider the joint strategy with Australia will enhance the security of supply of materials in critical shortage, saying that this will guarantee economic security for the two partners.

China’s control of the market has triggered a growing alarm on both sides of politics in Washington, DC in the thought that China might respond to a trade war by stopping supplies of essential materials like lithium.